Eliminate your cravings. 
Get solid night's rest. 
Say goodbye to medications.

RN, Triathlete, Certified Health Coach

  Lisa Sullivan

"Lisa embodies what it takes to be an exceptional coach in wellness. I utilze her as a partner for my patients seeking guidance on their wellness pathway."
Kathy Alvarez, MD

Discover the little habits

that add up to big change. 

Are you tired of taking meds and feeling chronically awful? Is your workload taking a toll on your body? What would health and happiness look like for YOU?


I'll help you develop a personal plan to bring you the health, happiness, and energy you have been missing.


As a registered nurse, a triathlete, and a certified health coach I know all about how small habits add up to big changes. I've helped everyone from fellow runners to people with chronic issues like obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol develop personalized wellness plans to bring them back into a state of balance and wellbeing.


I developed the Catch Wellness approach, to help YOU get back into living a full life.

  Lisa Sullivan

There's no further obligation after the consultation.  

It's a free gift from me to you.