I decided to become a health coach after 24 years of practicing nursing and seeing the increase in obesity and chronic diseases in our pediatric and adult populations.  


Healthcare focuses on symptom management with medications and invasive procedures as the treatment of choice, with less focus on nutrition and lifestyle management.  


A plant-based diet, active lifestyle, along with stress management can change the course of these chronic diseases and improve and/or eradicate them completely. I am passionate about prevention and want to share this with people who want to improve their health by losing weight, lowering their cholesterol, decreasing their need for diabetes medication, and ultimately feeling more energized and full of life… a healthy life.

Plant-based Eating. Active Lifestyle. Stress Management

the Catch Wellness approach

Lisa Sullivan

RN, Certified Health Coach, Certified Food for Life Instructor

 My personal health transformation:

A few years ago, my husband and I had our annual physical and found out our cholesterol was well over 200 and our triglycerides were above normal. This was after I had completed 3 Ironman so exercise was not my limitation!  We decided that day to incorporate a plant-based diet into our daily lives including fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.  I did my homework and it took a month to really understand how to make the switch, but we did it and learned a lot through the process. After just 6 months we went back to our physician and found out that my cholesterol dropped from 252 to 168 and my husbands dropped from 212 to 149.  Both of our triglycerides dropped 20 points.  I was astounded and convinced that I could help others improve their health with diet and lifestyle.  


And it can be done in a fun and delicious way! Ultimately I was energized and this method of eating cured my IBS and improved my allergies dramatically. Nutrient dense, whole foods are the key to unlock illness to a life of good health.   


Are you ready to start?  I am ready to be your guide on the side in the journey of everlasting health. Come catch wellness and live a life of joy.

There's no further obligation after the consultation.  

It's a free gift from me to you. 

So you have the

health & energy to

do the things you love!

  • eliminate your cravings

  • lower your cholesterol

  • balance your blood sugar

  • reduce your stress 

  • get a good night's rest

  • avoid taking long lists of medications

  • say goodbye to frequent doctor visits

The Catch Wellness

science-based approach helps you:

Is my Catch Wellness health coaching program right for you?

If you see the doctor so often that you've read ALL the magazines in the waiting room.


I will teach you how to:

  • use food as medicine 

  • lower your stress, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol 

  • feel alive again


There's no further obligation after the consultation.  

It's a free gift from me to you. 

If you're rocking the 10k's and triathlons, but it's a constant battle to keep off the weight.


I will teach you how to:

  • increase your endurance 

  • maintain balance with super foods

  • use self care techniques

  • make lifelong healthy food choices that take you into the off season and help you avoid the dreaded worry of weight gain

There's no further obligation after the consultation.  

It's a free gift from me to you.